An ICSE Board School


The Patron

A socially and politically sound and renowned personality who extended his valuable vision and foresight conserving the idea of opening this institution.
Sri. Shyam Ji Mishra (B.Sc Agriculture, B.Ed)

The President

The Starwards Public School Tulsipur, aims to deliver an quality educational programme beyond the limits of the academic curriculum. It offers a wholesome and sound education in a state-of-the-art setting. The School is second to none in the exciting possibilities it has with the most modern facilities on campus and a faculty rich in talent and experience.

Vice President

His courtesy established and managed this school and still is under his kind control and governs.
Sri V.K Singh


The Starwards Public School, respects the nationalities and cultures of all the students and staff. The school ethos includes elements that promote integration and appreciation. The children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of the classroom and develop the global perspective on life that has become the hallmark of the School.
Mr. Bholandra Singh

The Manager

Throughout my life, I have been deeply influenced by the values and cultural heritage of Indian and European traditions alike. The Starwards Public School is a culmination of my vision to merge the finest in Indian and European educational practices.

I selected this beautiful and serene campus setting, free from the pressures of urban life, in order to develop in the boys and girls a sense of self-assurance and self-reliance.

Administrators's Desk

Dear Parent,
I have been involved with The Starwards Public School from its very inception. Taking the vision of our Founder, Mr Vinod Singh and turning it into the physical reality of a school was an exceptional challenge and opportunity. I feel very proud that the school we have created is unique, beautiful and exceptionally well-equipped.