An ICSE Board School

Administrators's Desk

Dear Parent,
I have been involved with The Starwards Public School from its very inception. Taking the vision of our Founder, Mr Vinod Singh and turning it into the physical reality of a school was an exceptional challenge and opportunity. I feel very proud that the school we have created is unique, beautiful and exceptionally well-equipped.

Overseeing the building of the physical environment of the school has not been the end of my task. Indeed I realize that a school is far more than just buildings and that a truly successful school is one where staff, students and parents come together to form a complete and harmonious community. My experience tells me that this is something which can only be achieved if it is renewed each and every day.

Now my task is to supervise the financial, administrative and daily running of the school. As the school grows and develops, my role evolves. Once I helped to establish the school by acquiring land and build, now I am helping to build something more precious: a community with shared aims, beliefs and ambitions.

I hope that all of you will want to be a part of this community and to be a part of the vision which we all share at The Starwards Public School.

Mr. Richard Winston Fernandez